Board of Directors

Camp Fire USA, West Texas Council has a board of directors comprised of volunteers who have the legal responsibility for providing oversight to the organization. This oversight includes the primary responsibilities of stewardship, policymaking, ensuring sufficient resources are available to run the organization, and building a vision for the future.

Current board members:

  • Marvis Scneider (President)
  • Ron Moss (1st Vice President)Olivia Fierro (2nd Vice President)
  • Marshall Vicknair (Treasurer)
  • Shannon Raven (Secretary)
  • Yvette Barreno
  • Carah-Beth Bass
  • Mary Dunn
  • Martha George
  • Stacey Gerig
  • Eddie Klatt
  • Audra Mead
  • Mike Morgan
  • Ruth Pelzel
  • Tommy Reed
  • Brian Smith
  • Jennifer Vaughn

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